Friday, October 13, 2006

What Is Google Thinking About With The YouTube Deal?

What was Google thinking when they paid $1.6 billion for YouTube - a business without a model it would seem, started by college kids in a garage a couple of weeks back? Advertising? Of course.

Well, they know it's got traffic (14th most-visited site on the web). But what else?

Umm. That's got me thinking. Hard. I just can't see what else there is.

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt said "This is the next step in the evolution of the Internet."

Okay. Those are smart guys. But they're also guys who have never been through a recession or bust. They're bursting with Google dollars and I just hope they haven't gone to their heads because very quickly that company is going to have to clean out the YouTube house - by that I mean tidy up the copyright issues that are going to come home to roost faster than the sinking of the North Korean economy.

Watch this YouTube space.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Wordtracker's Free Tools For Key Word Research - Yes, I said 'Free'

Keywords have always been essential for any marketing or PR campaign online, as we have been told repeatedly and endlessly. Quite true. So if you want to keep on top of the keyword game you need to keep using the words of wisdom from the people at Wordtracker, as people at the very top of their game.

And in that respect, Wordtracker have just introduced some new fancy tools to make your job easier. To start with, try out their absolutely free pdf 'Researcher' and check out the entertaining and informing and FREE video from Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallen. These guys are good, know their stuff and provide some highly useful and powerful information for free.

Download the info right now. It's absolutely true that some of the best things in Web life are free.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

PRWeb Deal - The Press Release Master Sells

PRWeb's sale to Vocus PR is unlikely to immediately change the company's press release service and that's certainly the reassurance given by PRWeb founder and maestro David McInnis. PRWeb's own blog confirms that. In fact, McInnis points out that enhanced publicity opportunities will be presented as a result of the acquisition.

For an interview with David McInnis and some background to the deal, have a look at Lee Odden's TopRankingBlog

Friday, August 11, 2006

Blog SEO Tips: How to get the most from your blog

Using blogs for PR and getting good blog SEO ratings is an increasing trend and readers should check an article by iPrioritize's Adam McFarland on SiteProNews. As blogging becomes more ubquitious so too does it become more authoritative and read by media outlets and others. To promote your business, website or whatever you need to put blogs near the top of the 'must do' list and to become recognized by them McFarland points out an interesting fact: a personal email will secure amazining results.

McFarland's rules for your email:

* Have a simple subject. You probably won't get many responses by treating your email like a press release and writing RELEASE in the subject line. Try something simple like "fan of your blog" or "comment about your blog."

* Start by complementing them. Since you've read their blog and learned about them from their bio, you know quite a bit about them. Use it to your advantage.

* Request them to post about you. Be direct and to the point. They will respect that.

* Offer something in return. You have something that could help them.

* Close with something nice. Thank them for their time and wish them luck with their blog and/or business ventures.

Try it. blog seo blog seo

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Press Release Optimization Comes of Age

Well, press release optimization has doubtless come of age some time ago, but tech tools designed to improve optimization results continue to arrive, the latest being a tool announced a couple of days ago called "Newsforce".

The tool partners major SEO/software players like SEO-PR, SiteLab Intl and Primero Systems with BusinessWire and is open to BusinessWire customers. These are similar to the optimization tools launched by innovative PRWeb in June, the SEO Wizard, which are part of the wire service fee.

Essentially, 'Newsforce' allows press release posters to research keywords, analyze the press release and add links to it, with the results exported directly to the BusinessWire account. As more businesses wake up to the need for optimization of their news these tools are going to become a more essential component of the PR Department's arsenal.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Press Release Optimization : SEO Tools Anyone Can Use

A useful article on search engine optimization and free tools that are available to anyone who wants the search engines to come calling can be seen at this Site Reference article by Christos Varsamis. These tools, or their often paid-for equivalents, can be extremely helpful. You should check them out and see what you may NOT have been using.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Check out the new LawFuel

Hey, it's taken a bit, but the new Lawfuel is up and going. This site has taken major steps to upgrade its back-end, as well as to update the whole appearance and 'feel' of the site - including RSS feeds, MY Yahoo! etc functions, pics, video (very shortly) and the rest.

PLUS - we can still provide our discounted PRWebDirect service ( as well as create for clients a direct-to-Google News service.

Have a look and send us comments.


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